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Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone/iPad (iOS): I have no sound!

This is a very common issue with app like ours which respect the mute switch on your device.  Many apps ignore the mute switch, which is why some apps may still have sound.  Thankfully, this problem is easily fixed:

  • Make sure your volume is up AFTER the app is fully started.
  • Check the mute switch on the side of your device, this may be on even if some apps have sound!  iPad users may find this Apple support article on the side switch helpful to understanding.
  • Restart your device by holding the power button on top of the device until you see SLIDE TO POWER OFF, power off and wait until it shuts down completely before restarting.


Android (Google Play, Amazon, Etc): The App won’t install.

Unfortunately we are not involved in how apps are purchased, downloaded, or installed on your device.  That is all handled by the App Store you purchase the app from.


iPhone/iPad (iOS): The App won’t start, or something just isn’t right!

  • Restart your iPhone Do this by holding the power button on top of the phone until you see “slide to power off”. Give it 10 seconds or so to turn off, then you can turn it back on.
  • Restart your iPad To restart the iPad, press the hold and home buttons at the same time. The hold button is on the top right corner of the iPad’s case. The home button is the circular button just under the screen on the center of the iPad. Hold these buttons down until the screen flashes and goes dark. You can then restart the iPad by holding down the Hold button until the Apple icon appears.


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