Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up



Children love to imagine what they want to be when they grow up, and it can change from day to day! Now they don’t have to settle on just one thing.

Your little monkey wants to be a pirate/astronaut/doctor? No problem. Open the magic toy box and see what you can find!

Smart Apps For Kids ( The best way to keep a preschooler interested is what I often refer to as “energy.” By that I mean, music, sounds and movement Thup Games understands this better than any other developer.
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  • Play along with four different lovable animated monkeys.
  • Interactive toys and backgrounds encourage exploration.
  • Inspires creativity with tons of combinations.
  • Hundreds of rich graphics, vibrant sounds and beautiful, captivating special effects.
  • Loaded with giggle inducing animations and surprises.
  • Stickers! Kids get a sticker rewards to put up on their preschool wall.
  • Designed for preschoolers — no confusing menus or navigation.
  • Ten different roles to choose from: Astronaut, Ballerina, Builder, Diver, Doctor, Farmer, Fire Fighter, Pirate, Princess, and Police Officer. Each comes with their own interactive toys and exciting surprises!
  • Open-ended, unlimited play!

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